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Thursday, May 10, 2012

You can’t blame the FOOL for being a FOOL! Blame the FOOLS who elected him.

If this Socialist is elected to another term, I’m pretty sure there is going to be more  racial conflicts, like the one we have going on in Florida right now , with the George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin case.  I’m not just talking about racism although it’s perfectly clear that this President is a Racist, but I’m also talking about his policies, his action and the action of Eric Holder and other anti-white, pro-black racists in the Obama administration. There‘s also a pretty good chance that we might even see riots in the Streets if he is not re-elected.

Just look at how the black war mongers are creating Racial thing out of the Zimmerman incident, which is filled with threats of violence and outright calls for  conflict and anarchy. They don’t care whether Zimmerman is guilty or not, they want to show that racism was the cause.  And  together with the community organizer’s speech about Trayvon Martin “Could have been my Son” he obviously put the thought of guilt of Zimmerman in the heads of everybody.
How much longer are the citizens of this country going to continue to tolerate Obama’s nose into every case that involves race?  He is Hell bent to destroy this nation one way or another with his insanity.  Or is it insanity?  Is he just sly as a Fox?
Another term of this Racist, Socialist means an even more anti-white, anti-America attitude, and these uprisings will be even more common. With freedom on the line and the election on the line it could get very ugly out there, and probably the end of our country as we know it.
The NAACP and the New Black Panthers are blatant racist organizations and should have the fire put to their feet.
They don’t really need a justified  reason to call for racial discourse. Anything will do it..
But Americans can see through this President, we have seen it more than enough.  From the days of the Jeremiah Wright controversy to the Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, to the Van Jones appointment, to the current “hot open mic” controversy when he told Russian President that he‘ll have more ’flexibility ’after my election”
Do you smell the aroma of discontent?  I certainly do!  Obama will “Have More Flexibility After My Election” What the hell else could that mean except that he will be giving away the whole enchilada!  And he assured us that he had no hidden agenda with Russia?  Is he kidding?  How stupid does this FOOL think us American’s are?  Is anyone surprised that he intends to sell us out?  Does anyone really believe Obama anymore?  If you do then you are just as stupid as the Idiots who voted for this disaster in the first place. Can you even imagine the uprising if George Bush had said that to the Russians.
Yes, is our time to wake up and do the right thing for America, Complacency is not an option.
Obama was elected by the Zombie Moron Socialist band of Progressives and the welfare bunch who were hypnotized by thinking  “Hope and Change” meant everything for nothing along with the Liberal mainstream media. Unfortunately, their numbers outweighed the thinkers, doers, the workers and the concerned Patriotic Americans in our great nation.
Like the Brave Patriotic American soldiers in who are Fighting in Afghanistan today, not like the A-Holes who are protesting on Wall Street!



  1. SPOT ON, DD! I can't think of a thing to add except fools will always be fools and, at best,we can only hope that they stay home this time.