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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ya Gotta Have Faith!

Reagan vs. Obama  -  Man vs. Weenie! 

 The biggest Conservative of all time vs. the biggest Liberal of all time!

Mitt Romney says that he rejects tying President Barack Obama to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in his ads attacking the president, and he  insisting the campaign should remain focused on the economy.  Personally I think that;s a big mistake.  If the situation was in reverse, the Liberals wouldn't hold back anything! Didn't they use that 45 year old hair cutting prank?
Besides, Obama's failure as president speaks for itself!

But Romney is no Bob Dole he is not another loser. Romney beat back all his primary challengers and has an A Team that answers Obama's smears with force and truthfulness. Mitt will stay on message and Obama can't blame Bush any longer. He has a terrible track record and the American people will pay him back for being such a lousy leader.
But I believe in using everything that you've got.  If you are going to play nice, your going to lose, Remember that old saying "Nice Guys Finnish Last", well think about it!
There are 3 and1/2 years worth of video's, meeting with Bill Ayers, speeches, screw-up's, socialist agenda's, superfluous promises, and FAILURES that no one can repudiate or defend.

Talk about a president who knows how to stir things up without getting a BJ   from a 23 year old  intern.

But, when all is said and done, what is really going to elect the president in 2012 is the person with the ability to create jobs, and fix the economy.


  1. While Romney, per se, rejects tying B.O. to the, so called, 'Reverend' and other scoundrels in B.O.'s midst, past and present,this will not preclude others from doing so. Perhaps this is a strategic consideration.

  2. Romney shouldn't be taking the high road with regard to Wright-Obama, IMO.

  3. The trouble is AOW, is that we always take the "High Road" and it always costs us.

  4. .

    "... Obama's failure as president speaks for itself!"
    Ya. Like lower personal federal taxes for a vast majority of people in USA (Your federal taxes are lower now than when Mr Obama was sworn into office; right?)

    "... Obama's failure as president speaks for itself!"
    Ya. Like improving private sector employment numbers throughout USA!

    "... Obama's failure as president speaks for itself!"
    Ya. Like the improving automobile industry in USA!

    "... Obama's failure as president speaks for itself!"
    Ya. Like ending two absolutely meaningless and worthless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!

    "... Obama's failure as president speaks for itself!"
    Ya. Like killing bin Laden!

    "... Obama's failure as president speaks for itself!"
    Ya. Like extending health care coverage for people of USA!

    Ya Mr Obama's record is something Mr Romney can run against. Sure you can trust Mr Romney when he says what he believes. Whatever it is today. Sure talk about religion Mr Romney. I mean Being a Mormon is being a 'christian', right?

    Got a question for you and your readers. "If bin Laden had given _YOU_ a dirty nuclear bomb and a billion dollars, would you detonate it before the national election if it would stop Mr Obama's re-election??

    Ema Nymton

  5. Ema: Your comments are laughable. He gave us a payroll tax cut, not income tax, so he is making social security go broke even faster. He is a net destroyer of jobs, still over 1,000,000 less than when he took office. He is on track to be the only president in the nation's history be a net job loser. The automobile industry still owes us over $30 billion, and that on top of tax breaks a writedowns worth over $50 billion. Anything can look like a success if you throw enough taxpayer money at it.

    Yeah, he ended one war, and we all know he parachuted in a killed UBL with his bare hands, as a bonus, his administration gave us all those classified deatails. Go Google what the Navy Seals think of this POS of a president.

    Extending health care coverage? How? Oh, by robbing half a trillion from medicare!

    Deficits are higher, revenues lower, economy flat and unemployment stubbornly high. By every account this bumbling, incompetent narcissist is an abject, Carteresque failure, but it is hilarious watching goose-stepping hero worshipers like you attempt to defend such criminally negligent incompetence.

  6. Hey Enema,

    Check out a REAL evaluation of your phony , so called, President. I was going to refer to your diapers needing, possible attention, but then I realized that you are a liberal which knows no junvenile limit. I invite you to a real evaluation of the obtuse list of this mountebank's accomplishmentes. This is compiled by a US Marine who defended you while you, probably,had no clue what was going on in the World, which you don't seem to know now!


  7. .

    Ya Gotta Have Faith! ...

    All you super-duper extreme Patriots,

    "Would you commit a terrorist act in USA before the national election if it would stop Mr Obama's re-election??"

    Because you know Mr Romney is going to lose.

    Ema Nymton

  8. What a surprise it is that Ema would think that way!!
    Ema, to put it in a "nut shell" If "Mr Romney is going to lose." Then it will be a VERY SAD day and very sad times for America .

    Why don't you ask some of those 24 million unemployed Americans how they feel?
    In case you haven't heard it yet, but this has been THE SLOWEST RECOVERY from any recession in America's history! And as for the recovery that buffoon Joe Biden is talking about, I must have asleep during the recovery cause I sure didn't see it..
    As for the Bin Laden killing, Silverfiddle is 100 percent right, Obama knows how to play the Blame Game when things go wrong but he forgets where to give the credit when thing go right . He plays the ” I Take Credit For Anything That Goes Well Game" Let's not forget that they had to go call him off the golf course and get him into that Situation Room an hour and a half before the attack so he would be there for the photo-op! An all we hear about is Obama’s “gutsy” decision. “Gutsy” decision! Yeah right! It was the same decision that 90 or 95% of Americans would have made is asked. And his Vice president that IDIOT Joe Biden falls into the other 5%! There was no Gutsy call, or honor, and courage, in that decision, and NO call for his political chest thumping about it now.
    This guy is so, inept, so unpresidential, and so embarrassing and so wrong for America, that it's not even funny any longer. Yes, Obama’s taking the credit for the brave acts of our bravest and fearless warriors for his own political reasons is really is an embarrassment.. And as for your supporting him so much is not a shocker..You either have no shame. Or no brain. Or both.

    Maybe you libs should be telling us how you feel about his support and his defense of the Muslim Brotherhood, who are going to be our next big problem .

  9. Obama is expanding health care by slight of hand. 30 million more will be on Medicare. Medicare which more doctors are refusing to accept so more illegals which this bill was designed for(for votes)which Joe Wilson was right about "you Lie",will be lining up in Emergency Room more than they were before.
    So it will be less than par healthcare but hey we can give it to everyone. So if you want decent healthcare we will be taxed to cover more people even though the majority of the tax base is unemployed and forced to buy private insurance.
    We can't have people living too long and using up valuable resources

  10. Hi Lisa, and welcome to my blog, good to see you here., I hope you liked my response to David the Hypocritical Moderate.
    If theses one thing that bugs the hell our of me is Identifying yourself with moderate patriotism, because it may be the safest way.
    to please everybody. The way I see it is that it's that they are far from being moderate's once they start opening their mouths, and they show themselves to be
    hypocrite's and liars especially on the internet. . Real moderates are an endangered species in American politics these days. I don't think that I I even believe in moderates in when it comes to politics, people believe in one thing or another. I don't think that you can honestly be on the fence.
    The term moderate is used to describe someone who doesn't hold views on either of the extreme sides of political views. These people must identify with one party or the other, or they are actually independents, another position that I don’t really believe can exist. . But our friend Dave Miller here is really a Liberal in sheep's clothing who like to cuddle up to both sides.
    If someone is as anti Reagan as he is, he must be a Liberal. As they say, Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. They change their in whatever direction suits them best. Keep fighting the fight.

  11. Enema Nimrod:
    Go back and read my reply to you, May 21st @ 4:17pm on this site, titled "I don't know about you, but I'm sick of it!" -- that reply STILL applies to you and all the Communist/Socialist/Marxists that you hang with.
    For that matter, every time you open your pie hole, it'll STILL apply.