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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Figures Are In, The Number of Americans Working Falls To A New Low

The number of Americans applying for new jobless benefits fell to the lowest level in nearly four years last week!  Any way you want to look at it or slice, dice it or spin it, the  report was way below what the Wall Street economists were expecting, and terribly disappointing to Obama's expected pace of recovery .
A Severe Blow to Obama's Campaign?  You bet your bippy it is!
So the figures are in and the stock market fell 170 points because of these NEW job related figures, it seems as it the percentage of Americans working or looking for work has fallen to its lowest level in more than 30 years, according to new gloomy economic figures, this is a major blow to Obama’s hopes of re-election.
So, Dear Mr. President, I have a simple question for you, where the hell are the  Jobs?
Just how long can we wait for the Messiah?
And think about it this way, if these are statistics that were given to us by the Liberal media and they are terrible,  I wonder what the real statistics are?
So these hundreds of thousands dropping out of the workforce- are they now on welfare and collection food stamps and just hangin out and doing better than when they were employed. For Obama, I guess that is considered to be a positive. So yes, it time to spike the football again.  But what the hell, I think it's great for the Obama supporters, they don’t like working anyhow.  Is this the CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN? 

And to those people who dissatisfied with our candidate and who are wishing for a third party candidate to enter this election, or who are going to “sit this one out” (AGAIN)  I have no respect for you or any for anyone who does not vote.  Voting for Romney is the same as voting AGAINST Obama. It is a no brainer to me and  always cause my blood pressure to spike to unhealthy levels and that also makes me very unhappy.
Yes, I wanted someone other than Mitt Romney, for many reasons.  The main reason was because I wanted a stronger more Conservative candidate and a candidate who would beat the hell out of Obama.  But no one else won! And Mitt Romney is who we have and like many of us including myself have been saying ANYONE BUT OBAMA!!!.
We have enough Romney bashers and Gingrich bashers, and Palin bashers on the left? We don’t need any of us joining them. Don't you care about getting Obama out of office enough? Yes, I know that there are many Conservatives who opposed Romney and who are disappointed, but we have to be frank, he is who we have....We all have to be on the same team here.


  1. Ronald Reagan put all those people to work, but Obama is rolling back Reaganism, bringing employment levels down to Carteresque lows.

    !Adelante commandante!

  2. Even Mexicans can't find any jobs here, and are going back to Mexico!.

  3. "A Severe Blow to Obama's Campaign? You bet your bippy it is!"

    Well, it should be but I'll also bet my "bippy" that there are still a plethora of those so ignorant of reality that if they even realize there is a jobless problem (many B.O. supporters aren't part of the regular work force) they will still blame Bush. Since there is absolutely nothing positive that can be said for the fraud that THEY put in office it's all they can do. I agree 100%, Romney is who WE have and like him or not I believe that he will restore the 'certainty' of the market system which will unleash the trillions in real money, currently held in abeyance by skeptical investors . I believe that just the psychological relief of getting rid of the Dog Eater-in-Chief will start making a difference.

    Speaking of Mexico, the last that I heard was their economy is growing faster than ours!

  4. Speaking of Mexico, the last that I heard was their economy is growing faster than ours!

    I don't doubt it!

  5. Ema Nymton:

    "As for your gloom and doom vision of USA; let you in on a secret. USA is not ruined. As a matter of fact USA is doing better now than when Mr Obama took over as President. As much as some do not like to acknowledge it, stock market has increased, private sector employment has increased.............."

    Oh really Ema! And just where did you get your information from? Oh, you say "from Jehmu", now I understand!