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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mr. "God damn America" To Shut Up Until After The Election.

He's Back!
It seems as if Mr. Wrong, although he goes by the name of Jeremiah Wright took a Bribe of $150,000 in 2008 to shut his big fat stupid, America-hating, White-hating, Anti-Semitic, Marxist, RACIST mouth until after the 2012 election.
He supposedly agreed not to publish an account of the firestorm until after this November election so that The “ONE” would not be embarrassed any further.
But let’s hope that Mitt  Romney is taking notes.
And if this is so, will the Media run with this?  Would they do anything at all to destroy Obama the way they did to Sarah Palin?
And even if they did, would any of this mean anything? No, nothing at all would burst the Progressive’s bubble. Even if it does, it won't mean a thing. The Progressives hold Obama to standard that is beyond belief.
The only thing that’s going to defeat this inept fraud is going to be Number 1. The economy. And Number 2. Jobs.
If the Rev. Jeremiah Wright episode didn’t do it the last time, then it’s not going to do it this time either.  Those lefty imbeciles are to freaken stupid to even give a damn.  They worship the ground that this Socialist walks on, and they don't want to even listen to any of the facts. Would these idiots that call themselves Progressive’s ever denounce this president?  NEVER! Ah, but Limbaugh, Palin,  Beck, and Hannity are so quickly denounced, and boycotted, and name called.
The Washington Post, ran with all the details about Romney’s supposed bully “Hair Cutting” incident. But this story will never see the light of day in that RAG!
That’s the Obama idea of transparency!

The progressive party America has sunk to a new level when they elected this president. 

And by the way, Joe Biden gives  the term MENTALLY ILL a new meaning.
Telling us Republicans/Conservatives the “We Don’t Get It” and telling US about the American Dream, and working hard to be successful?
Well I have news for you Mr IDIOT!  You DON’T GET IT! And neither do the idiots who put you in that office.
It’s not us Republicans who are hanging around in the corner Barber Shop, on buying Lottery Tickets with their Food Stamp money!
But you keep on saying it or anything else that you want to and repeat it enough and then maybe some people will believe it.

It’s really a joke how the Democratic Party laughed and continues to make fun of Sarah Palin when she ran for Vice President of the United States, and then then turned around and elected that buffoon Joe Biden who gives new meaning to the word moron!
Joe Biden makes Sarah Palin look like Albert Einstein.   

And wasn't it Joe Biden who advised Obama NOT to go after Bin Laden?
Wasn’t it Joe Biden who said that we SHOULDN'T go get Bin Laden.  You bet it was!
No it was NOT Mitt Romney. NOT Newt Gingrich, Not John McCain. Not even Jimmy Carter. Joe Biden is the only guy that said: “Don’t do it Mr. President, don’t go get Bin Laden”.


  1. Our society is replete with, among other types, Flim-Flam atrists and Fools. Never in our history has there been such a big 'con' as we have at 1600 Pennsylvania. B.O. with the most obfuscatory past and little to no relevant experience has managed to garner enough support to OCCUPY the White House. But what's even worse is that after accomplishing nothing of value and blaiming all of our problems on other people because he's clueless or is pursuing a dark agenda, there are those oblivious to these facts. The big loosers are the rest of us! Now, you would think that after our enduring further demise, with no end in sight, he would have NO chance to be re-elected. Not so; in spite of his obvious nonfeasance, polling data indicates that he still has a following which may be signaficent. The Flim-Flam man still has his Fools!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Sadly, there exists an irreducible element , within our society,who will NEVER comprehend the mess that they have helped to create!

  3. We can always count on JonBerg to say something intelligent.