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Saturday, September 15, 2012

As The World Turns.... Or Burns!

As the World Burns Obama Fiddles.  While the world turns and burns in the American Embassies all over the  Middle East is engulfed in flames, riots, storming of American Embassies, in the Mideast, Africa, and even in London  and  bomb threats in various American Cities, Our Dear leader, The Vacationer In Chief, Barack Hussein Obama and his Moocher, are making their usual Apology Tours, and when they are not doing that, they are  doing what they do best.  Making their weekly appearances on the Late Night TV shows, The View, and now even of the Dr. Oz show.  Or you might find them attending  multiple fund-raises held by high-profile celebrities shobnobbing with celebrities like George Clooney, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Carmelo Anthony, etc and etc.  This guy is so star-struck  he likes them almost as much as he like his reflection in the mirror.  And if they are not doing that, the Obama and his band of moochers, and looters like, Biden and his Moocher, are making their usual Apology Or out jiving and hip hopping.

Last night, as the German embassy in Sudan was in smolders, in Yemen our Embassy was also raided , the riots  continued in Libya.  Islamists continued to burn and tear apart American flags. And in London, Islamists invaded the US embassy as they did in Tunisia.
And yet the media nad the Leftist bloggers continue to talk about Mitt Romneys response.  Ain’t that a Hill of Beans?
We know exactly what these leftist media whores would do if ran around attending fund-raises during a world crisis even thought we know he wouldn't be doing that.
I loathe the leftist media whores with the intensity of a million exploding nuclear bombs.
But no matter how they try to shift or spin this onto Romney, Obama can't wiggle out of this one. Romney said the Obama administration issued an “apology for American values” And indeed he did


  1. pretty disgusting, isn't it!

    and and don't forget the Pimp with the Limp--Obama did an interview with him as well--but yet it's Romney who is at war with women! Give me a Break!

    So looking forward to November!


  2. .

    "... The Vacationer In Chief, Barack Hussein Obama and his Moocher, are making their usual Apology Tours, ..." And you cannot help yourself in wanting to believe such a lie; can you?

    Partial list of Embassies that were attacked prior to the Obama administration. Did USA go to war, declare war, or bomb
    any of the following locations?

    Jan 22, 2002 Calcutta
    Jun 14, 2002 Karachi
    Oct 12, 2002 Denpasar
    Feb 28, 2003 Islamabad
    Jun 30, 2004 Tashkent
    Dec 6, 2004 Jeddah
    March 2, 2006 Karachi
    Sept 12, 2006 Damascus
    Jan 12, 2007 Athens
    March 18, 2008 Sana’a
    July 9, 2008, Istanbul
    Sept 17, 2008 Sana’a

    Some people cannot resist allowing themselves being played for as fools by Murdoch Media/Fox Networks, can you?

    "I loathe the leftist media whores with the intensity of a million exploding nuclear bombs." Are you hoping for a successful terrorist attack against USA in USA to help turn the election against the President?

    Ema Nymton

  3. "And you cannot help yourself in wanting to believe such a lie; can you?"

    And YOU Enema can't accept reality; can you? Unless you measure success by how much America is in decline; Obama is an abject failure!

  4. I'm trying hard to analyze what Enema’s logic. If extremists attacked all those consulates or Embassies during the Bush Administration, then the situation in Cairo and Benghazi is “business as usual” and there is absolutely no reason for an American to mourn the death of their Ambassador, any of those other citizens. Should anyone feel anger at what happened, or disappointment with the President, who in fact instigated Arab Spring, we should just sit down and shut the fuck up?

    Is that the argument?

    If it is, then it has to be the most inane supposition I have ever heard. No one suggests that American foreign policy excelled under one president, yet failed under the next. We are essentially arguing that American foreign policy has been an epic disaster since before World War II, and it is essentially unchanged under Barack Obama. This does concern us as Americans. We are tired of giving up our young men and women in uniform to utter bullshit emanating from the beltway. That Enema fails to grasp this tells us a lot about the pseudo-intellectual left.

  5. Jack Whyte said:
    "I'm trying hard to analyze what Enema’s logic."

    Logic, What Logic? Theres where you are mistaken Jack... Enema once again forgot to take her Medication.

    Does anyone remember what Obama's Million Dollar contributor Bill Maher said about the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11?