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Thursday, September 13, 2012

So Here We Have It. The Truth Is Finally Unveiled.

So now we find out the truth and the truth is that Mr. Obama apologized once again for the attack on our people. 
Let's face it, nobody does it better than Obama!
 And here is the proof of the pudding.
Libyan Official Says Consulate Attack Timed to 9/11
Senior Libyan security official says attack on US Consulate in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans was a precisely timed raid by militants who used civilian protests as cover!
So it was  America that was attacked, and a U.S. Ambassador and his staff members who were killed, but the Obama administration worries about political correctness before condemning anyone.
Who is surprised that this administration doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, especially if its a Muslims feelings. September the 11th all over again?  Only this time Obama cannot Blame this on George Bush.  Or can he?  And will he?  And where is the outrage?
There will be no outrage. 
And even if it was about the film, so what? we are suppose give up  our God given right of freedom of speech so we don’t get some Muslim pissed off?
So what now? Is the embassy killing going to enforce Obama's denial to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?
Will Obama continue to tell  the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the rest of the world  'Wait, there's still time.’ And I say, 'Wait for what? Wait until when?  Exactly what is the United Stated doing about the situation in Iran? 
Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said earlier they were “surprised and disappointed” by the initial reports.
“If these reports are true,
the White House's decision sends a troubling signal to our ally Israel
about America's commitment at this dangerous and challenging time,
especially as Iran continues to work actively toward developing a nuclear weapons capability”

Benjamin Netanyahu is a leader. Barack Hussein Obama is not! 
Ir’s time to cut off all aid until they learn that they are cutting off the hand that feeds them.  They are responsible for the protection of the outside of the US Embassy
Hillary's Speech this morning to the Moroccan Delegation, was appalling, pandering and appeasement to the Muslims,
And where has Obama been all day today when he should have been engaged in this situation and speaking to the American people!  He was Campaigning, that where he was.
What an interesting week this has been, a week that  should Wake The American People Up...We saw the Democrats kick God off the DNC Platform, and  Jerusalem as well, we saw Obama too busy to meet with Netanyahu, Riots from Tunesia to Egypt, the Killing of a US Ambassador and 3-American Aids....
What more does the Jewish community need to show them..Obama only wants their Vote, to keep him in office and sell them out to the Muslim Brotherhood.
With all that has happened overnight in Libya and in Egypt the rising tension going on in Tunisia and Yemen, and Obama , and Hillary once again apologizing, for the Film that Caused this, when it wasn’t even the film, what does this Idiot-In-Chief, Not Get?
So he apologized to the people who killed our embassy staff, and refused to meet with our Ally Israel, all in one day, isn’t that special!
As for what the Progressives are blogging about, while the Obama administration is angrier at the makers of a Muslim-bashing video more than they are at the people who've been attacking our embassies, and who killed our Ambassador and his staff members in Libya.
Mitt Romney is clearly angry at Barrack Obama .And the Progressives can’t understand that.  Personally, I believe that Romney was right for coming out as he did. It was a brave and patriotic speech and comments. Quite unlike what Obama and Hillary did.  All they can do is apologize over and over again.  Obama's response was very weak, unprofessional and unpatriotic. He is not my kind of President.

Do you hear me now?


  1. If it wasn't for all of the idiots that will vote for B.O. because their Public School education has turned their minds to mush this would seem like deja vu. With: our economy in shambles, a weak apologetic President,filthy rag heads intimidating a weak administration, filthy rag heads killing Americans........on and on, America is in as bad or, probably, worse shape than what the Georgia Jellyfish had us in. I don't expect the landslide against all of this which we saw in 1979 though. We are different; real different now!

  2. "We are different; real different now!"

    Yes we are! N0 doubt about that!

  3. @ JB --
    I'm afraid you're right, JB, on the "We are different; real different now!" There was a time when I had hope; it's fast fading. Even if Romney can win, he's got too much to overcome, in ALL areas, to try to get us back on course. The people will tire easily (on the government tit for too long) and CRY for the Obama days. I'm just glad that I won't be here to see the Armageddon -- or, maybe, I will be and that will be a sad time for me; all the memories of when we were a great and powerful and proud nation.

  4. OMG! I just heard Carter exclaim, to the effect, that B.O. should handle the present Middle East situation just like he (Carter) did with Iran-no joke, I heard it!!!!!!

  5. @ JB --
    Carter was senile when he was in office. I don't know what that makes him now. Help me fill in the blanks.

  6. Medical Science is working on identifying and developing terminology for Carter's rare, advanced form of post senility disorder. One researcher is quoted as saying: "we've never seen anything quite like this".

  7. The short of it all.
    The Obamboozler has burned through our allies like he's burned through the treasury. He has bankrupted us financially, militarily, and diplomatically, all this in under 4 years, and you FOOLS want to give him 4 more years?.
    Obama doesn't know diddly-squat about foreign policy or what he is doing or saying?
    But Sarah Palin is dumb. Right. Here is a guy who is too busy playing Golf, appearing on the Letterman show, or going to fundraisers, is more important than getting briefed on crucial foreign policy issues 4 years into his term because he is so convinced on his own brilliance, he assumes he has nothing to learn. and now our foreign service officers are paying for it with their lives. And the dimwitted PROGRESSIVE'S say that this blunder is totally Romney's fault!

    Bottom line is that getting rid of Hosni Mubarak wasn't a great idea after all.

    1. Richard,

      Thanks for your commentary.

      "you FOOLS want to give him 4 more years?."

      One way or the other this asshole will NOT see four more years!

    2. On getting rid of Mubarak --
      I'd say along the same lines as when Carter threw the Shah of Iran under the bus. Mubarak may have been a shit head, but he was our shit head.

      On Obimbo burning through everything in less than 4 years --
      Exactly as planned. And the story may be far from over.

  8. Talk about shooting first! How about Obama declaring that Egypt is no longer our ally? And then trying to take it back today? Incompetence is thy name.

  9. That's about all the little fag is good for -- shooting off his mouth.

  10. While the Mid East and the rest of the world is engulfed in burning and storming American embassies by Islamist maniacs including Killing and sodomizing an American Ambassador
    Or Dear Leader finds it more interesting and more "FUN" to party-down with Hollywood elites, Basketball thugs, Golfing,and yukking it up with celebrities like Beyonce, and other Hip-Hoppers than to hear those boring security briefings. His entire day is centered around getting himself re-elected . Why bother when he needs to do something important like dealing with American haters and Killers!..

    Yup, he's pretty good at this presidential stuff . . Just ask SmackO'Daddy, he'll tell you!

    And what really pisses me off is that we have 50% of our people who still believe Obama is awesome... Just read these blogs.

    Who let all these stupid people into the country?
    And the media writes about all this craziness about it being Romney's fault for speaking out! Is this world upside down or what!
    What has become of this country? the media covers for Obama who missed the boat and screwed up royally . and these lefties are actually pointing the finger at Romney, I cant believe this.
    Haven't we had enough of Obama and the despicable liberal MSM reporting to cover up and lie for Obama... Obama MUST Go!!

  11. Remember when Sarah Palin didn't have enough experience to be the VICE President, but, somehow NOMObama DID have enough to be President? Well, of course we all KNEW that was bullshit. NOMObama had no experience what-so-ever! Guess what? HE STILL DOESN'T!!! Oh, sure, he's been President for over 3 1/2 years, but what has he done with all that time? He's played a lot of golf. He's taken the family on many vacation s and long weekends. He's CAMPAIGNED for himself during all most all of his waking hours. He even was forced to make a couple of important decisions (poor over-worked guy). Bottom line, HE STILL HAS NEXT TO NO EXPERIENCE!!!!! And now, he has the balls to ask, no demand, that we give him a mulligan on his first term. He can do more in the next four years. THAT is what worries me! What he seems to be completely forgetting is that what he "inherited" when he first took office is NOTHING compared to what Romney and Ryan will "inherit" when he's GONE!!! Like he could do anything but make it even worse. NO MO bama!!

  12. "what he "inherited" when he first took office is NOTHING compared to what Romney and Ryan will "inherit" when he's GONE!!! Like he could do anything but make it even worse. NO MO bama!!"

    But what if this fraud is re-elected? Will he blame the [worse] economy that he has "inherited" on the president immediately preceding his second term? OK, it was just rhetorical.

    1. It will STILL be Bush's fault.
      And the economy.
      And the weather.
      And the family.
      And the tides in the Baltic Sea.
      And the planets didn't align.
      And those crazy guys down in _______ (fill in the blank.)
      And the Mayan calendar.
      And on and on and on and on and on...