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Monday, September 17, 2012

Protestors raised slogans against US President Barack Obama and threw footwear at his pictures. An attempt to burn his effigy.  

Maybe this will be the straw that broke the Camels back and maybe, just maybe Obama will wake the  hell up and stop with all these 
"Spontaneous Bull Shit!"  and call it like it really is. 

And when will our president address the nation about all this?
Let's see what happens next, or will Mitt Romney continue to be the fall guy!
And as I write this, this news is coming in:  One person was killed and dozens of people were injured when anti-American protesters tried to storm the American Consulate in the southern port city of Karachi and clashed for several hours with the police and paramilitary troops on Sunday evening



  1. Honestly, I don't want Obama to wake up. I want to see the world flushing until everyone else wakes up to what a fraud Obama truly is.