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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Company!

In the aftermath of the Islamist attacks on two of our embassies which occurred on September the 11th, Our Dear Leader Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton displayed the look of surprise, even shock, to the press and the American people.  But were they really surprised and as they say, what did they know and when did they know it?
And now 2 weeks late we know the answer to that question.  We know that they knew ALL about it and we know that they knew it from day one!In my opinion, Hillary Clinton acted deceitfully and should be asked for her resignation.  As for Barack Hussein Obama it has become very clear that he has a big  problem with telling the truth. I am more convinced than ever that he should also be asked or told to step down from this office  and return to private life. I do not believe that he is qualified to lead this nation, he is more qualified to provide leadership as a Community Organizer..

The terrorist attack of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya which led to the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three embassy staffers along with the attack on the U.S. embassy in Cairo has many wondering how prepared the Obama administration has been to protect U.S. interests all over the world.
During the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, then presidential candidate and New York Senator Hillary Clinton, now Secretary of State, took a shot at then presidential candidate and Illinois Senator Barack Obama over his lack of geo-political experience. The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign released a TV ad known generally as the "3 AM phone call at the White House."

Obama, Clinton, and Rice are on the same team but are back peddling on messaging since the attacks on our embassies and current anti-American protests in the Middle East. President Obama was criticized for his jetting out to Las Vegas to attend still another fundraiser one day after the attacks, while claiming the attacks were sparked by an obscure online movie trailer that Muslims found to be offensive. Our UN Representative Susan Rice and our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were trotted out on national TV lying to the world with their speeches insuring the American public and the rest of the world  that it was the movie trailer caused the attacks even after the Libyan President and others said otherwise.
But almost two weeks later and after the news of the President of Libya and several others bluntly said that it was not at all the so called film that cause this but it was a per-planed attack scheduled on September the 11th, the administration (Obama and Company)  began to change its messaging that the attack in Benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack. So What did Hillary, Rice and Obama know, and when did they know it?  Well we all know the answer to that now. 
This whole incident put Obama's incompetence, and his outright lies put there on display to the world. He has failed in preventing the attack, and in safeguarding the embassies, Even his celebrity kingdom have started to backtrack on their support. In this morning's newspaper I read that Peter King, one of the few people left in the House of Representatives with any Guts is calling for Susan Rice to Step Down!

In comparison Nixon was a hero,compared to what you see in Washington today. And Obama is a Marxist, hell bent on destroying this once great nation. See the difference ?  If all things were equal, Benghazi should be the downfall of Obama but this liberal media won't let that happen.


  1. They knew the truth the entire time, and still after Libya told them that the attacks were planned months in advance still they lied to the public. And four precious and innocent Americans are dead.

    They lack remorse and thought they could fool the American public, some they did, but most of us knew, we just knew.

  2. It seems that Hillary isn't wasting a penny on cosmotolgy!

  3. Even the liberal WaPo today published a cartoon lampooning Obama on this matter. Heh.

  4. JonBerg
    "It seems that Hillary isn't wasting a penny on cosmotolgy!"

    Why should she, when she is only attracted to other women!

  5. OK, do we need to continue to look for Jimmy Hoffa? Perhaps he's been here all along!

  6. OK, Jon, I'll tell the jokes here...........LOL