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Sunday, September 30, 2012

In my humble opinion, Benghazigate is far worse than Watergate

In my humble opinion,sure Benghazigate is far worse than Watergate, lets face it no body died in Watergate!
 Benghazigate, is far worse. In fact there is no comparison.  Watergate may have caught President Nixon lying in his attempted “Cover-Up”, but Benghazigate has all that and more, much more.  For one and a very important number one, no body died in Watergate. During Benghazigate, FOUR  people were murdered due to Barack Obama’s incompetence, and arrogance, Hilliary's incompetence. And Susan Rices’s lies and all of their lies and attempt to cover it up. Richard Nixon was Man Enough and enough of a a loyal American to Step Down when he saw that these events was hurting the country. In Barrack Obama and companies case they stood in front of America and the rest of the world including the United Nations and LIED through their teeth. Barack Obama has to go, Hillary Clinton has to go, and Susan Rice has to go.  They all need to go, every single one of these worthless lying socialist creeps.
We now know that the protests or should I say RIOTS in Libya and in Egypt  were not to the reaction to a video, but to the incompetence of the three stooges mentioned above.  To the failed Democrat plans followed by a cover up policy of appeasement of radical Muslims who are hell bent on dominating the world, let alone America and  lead to the murder of our Ambassador and three members of the Embassy’s staff and then followed by a cover up.  In other words, lies on top of lies, and more lies. In an effort to shift the real blame away from Al Qaeda and the terrorists, and throw a little Film Maker in Jail under false and trumped up charges..
These lies have been coming “fast and furious” from Obama administration and from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as our “United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.
What do you think about the Muslim Brotherhood now Mr. President.  The same Muslim Brotherhood that you helped overthrow their Government for.
But the put things in their proper perspective, There would never have been a Watergate without the Liberal Media. And there will be no Benghazigate because the Liberal Media won’t cover it.  Just get ready for the next scandal.
Where is the Tea Party when we need them?


  1. DD,

    I remember Nixon getting re-elected under the cloud of Watergate and the Hell we went through with that. You are quite right, this is far more serious. If B.O. gets re-elected will he find some way to 'push this under the rug' or will we have to endure, not only four more years of this fraud, but this scandal, as well? Un-like Nixon this narcissist probably wouldn't resign and would BS his way through it all. But what if he did, somehow, leave office? OMG, think about it! Now, more than ever we must NOT allow him to be re-elected!

  2. We are back in a 9/10 world.

    Clinton ignored the real threats from the terrorists. Bush chose to continue the Clinton policy.

    Then came 9/11.

    Now we are back to ignoring real threats.

  3. The Obama administration used the video as an excuse, but now everyone knows, and we did know, that it was a pre-meditated attack and they had ever intention of killing our Ambassador.

    Yes, all those socialist scumbags have to go.

    As for the MSM they will do all that they can to protect and cover up for Obama. How many more Americans are going to have die until the idiocy of the media will realize their beloved potentate hates this nation and our military.

  4. I agree wholeheatedly that Libya is far worse than Watergate and impeachment procedings s
    hould occur regardless of the election. I also feel that "Fast and Furious" is twenty-fold
    worse than Libya as many more people died as a result.

    Finally, I also feel that the MSM in this country is now "America's worst enemy"!!