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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Apologizes For The Anti-Islam Video!

So here we go again, apologizing to the world for something that one or two people did and had the right to do so because of their Freedom of Speech!  Are we now going to apologize for someone else's free speech. Where the HELL was the  apology from the killers who killed an American Ambassador and his three staff members in Libya?  Did Hilary and Barrack say we are sorry you were forced to kill those Americans?  How do the families of these four American feel about that?
Hillary said that the film is "DISGUSTING AND REPREHENSIBLE." She calls it a cynical attempt to offend people for their religious beliefs.
“The United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. We absolutely reject its content and message,” she said
Well how about that!  Was that not apologizing?   And I wonder how the families of these for dead people felt about Obama running off to a “Fund-Raiser” and to party in Vegas on the same day of their deaths and destruction to our Embassy’s?

A lot of people find a lot more things offensive but, they do not get crazy and go around killing people randomly.  Where the hell was the apology for cutting off Daniel Pearl’s head filming it and showing the video on the internet? I found that to be "DISGUSTING AND REPREHENSIBLE."!

If this was a film about attacking Christianity and Jesus, or Jews would Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama be Apologizing?  Well the ass-hole who had that exhibit known as “Piss Christ” in the Brooklyn Museum and who had it funded by OUR Government is at it again. Yes the photograph by an American artist and photographer Andres Serrano depicts a crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist's urine is coming back again the same Brooklyn Museum.  Are we going to hear Twiddle Dee and Twiddle DUMB apologizing?   Don’t bother to answer, I already know the answer.
And most of all,  was the apology for September the 11th when 3,000 of our INNOCENT citizen were murdered?
Our enemies raid our Embassy, murder our Ambassador, burn down our building, burn the flag. Yell “Death to America and Americans” and WE APOLOGIZE!
Something is really wrong with this picture.
News flash: Americans have the right to make disgusting and reprehensible films. We believe in free speech.  Does anyone remember Michael Moore?

The way I was brought up is if someone does something that I don’t like, I DO NOT KILL THEM!  No matter what! I guess that our Freedom of speech still exists as long at it doesn’t  upset the Muslims.
It’s high time that we stop bowing down, and kissing the ass’s of our enemies.
Hillary’s apology to the Arab world is offensive and disgusting to me....
 I wish that someone would please tell Hillary and Obama, to shut the hell up.

They both are  more than an embarrassment, to the United States of America!  The day that I would apologize to these murdering vermin is the day that I want to die.


  1. B.O.'s policy of appeasement serves only to embolden our Muslim adversaries. Not only is this clown bad for our economy but he is a complete dunce when it comes to Foreign Policy. There is no earthly reason, whatsoever, that this pathetic piece of $#!t should get re-elected! He is the weakest President in the History of the Republic and reflects a major decline in same!

  2. Why is it that you get it, DD gets it I get it and us Conservitive get it but the dummies on the left can't seem to?

    I guess that's why they are Dummies!

  3. Hillary is a disgrace, and always has been. Muslim butt smooching seems like a good idea to these pinkoes, but they don't ever learn from history: appeasement = defeat. Neville Chamberlain ring a bell?

    Muslims, like Nazis, only respect a well placed artillery shell, or a well placed carpet bombing.