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Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Blame The Messenger!

It’s just amazing  how these lefties just keep on  referencing the Bush Administration and never, ever can not or will not speak about Obama’s foreign policy!  Could it be it’s because that there was never one good move made by Obama so there isn’t any foreign policy to speak about?  Thus they keep on bringing up the Bush administration.   Well, Obama has been in office nearly 4 years now, when is he going to take any responsibility!   And when will the left admit it? Even as Our Dear Leader screws up on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in where the American Ambassador and three members of the consulate’s staffs were killed, the media managed to focus on the remark by Mitt Romney.

When will the media and Obama's supporters admit that  his Middle East policies are a complete failure?

Hillary Clinton stood side by side with Barack Hussein Obama before the American press and the American public saying that the attack was done by a few protesters and had nothing to do with 
al Qaeda, and said that the attack was done by a “small and savage group” not the Government or people of Libya not the Government or people of Libya.  Is she kidding or what?  She and he both knew that was not the case.
A “small and savage group” do not go to a protester armed with automatic rifles and rocket launchers, This was a planned and ruthless attack, planned to happen on the anniversary of the infamous 9/11 terror attack. Don't let Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or anyone in the main stream media anyone fool you, these attacks were highly coordinated. And this administration wants us to believe it was all due to some terrible and insulting video about the Prophet Muhammad that until last week had been seen by maybe 100 people at best.  So why should we even listen to these two dimwits?  We know that they are going to try to spin this thing in every other direction ether than the true one.
And by the way, the (transparent) State Department has said they will no longer answer any questions related to the Benghazi attacks!
What we have seen over the last several days will be the true test of whether or not the media does its job. Because if they choose to bury this story in the next few days so that it won’t interfere with the election and protect the Obama administration, who is already slanting the story and blaming the video for causing it, then they are even much more irrelevant then we thought. What is more ridiculous and even more hilarious are those lefties and the media who have stopped focusing on the real story and blaming Mitt Romney for his follow up remark slamming the Obama administration as he should have.  And in my opinion he didn’t do so enough, he still should be at it.  What are we afraid of?  Telling the truth?  The Obama administration is fixated on blaming Romney . Romney should be blaming the Obama administration for their lack of security! Their lack of coverage in powder keg areas such as Libya and Egypt was   disastrous.  Yet the media’s coverage was all about was how awful it was for Romney to be pointing it out, and basically ignored the real story.
And you Blame Bush freaks out there, how would YOU and the media have reacted had this happened under the Bush administration? You know damn well It would’ve been completely different there would have been protester on every street corner yelling, marching and demonstrating for Bush to Step Down.  Yet the Manchurian Kenyan

gets a Free pass again.

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