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Monday, July 23, 2012

We Mustn't Take Our Eyes Off The Big Prize


Like you, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. of this senseless massacre in Aurora Colorado by a mentally ill person.
All this is completely true and very important.  But at this time we can not be distracted from the BIG PRIZE, the defeat of the Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama..  This is exactly what the left wants. They want us to be distracted from the truth and Obama right now as the election draws near

But we all know the hypocrisy of the left.  It didn’t take to long before we saw the Progressives already exploiting the shootings to blame us Conservatives.  And to blame the hate mongers, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck  the EVIL Fox News, and the Tea Party and using the tragedy to once again push of gun control.  Anything but blame the SICKO who was and is a MENTALLY ILL whack job.  And that Politics had nothing at all to do with this. Politicizing these tragedies is the way it works nowadays, we saw it happen before in Colorado once before with  Gabrielle Giffords, when Jared Loughner shot and killed a 9 year old little girl and 5 minutes later we saw the Left pointing fingers at Sarah Palin for her "cross-hair target map"
The Liberal/Progressive bloggers, that we know so well wasted little time before politicizing the horrific and tragic shooting by a Rightwinger.
As usual, the left is so predictable , they have been attempting to distract the people from Obama's massive failures for months and years now and we can not let it happen.
Last week it was Romney's  tax's and this weeks it the Colorado shooting. I agree how horrible this was, but let's not let it distract us from winning the Prize.
It has been said, and I agree totally that that the Progressives would exploit their own mothers if they thought it would help to advance their agenda. The tragic Aurora Colorado theater shooting is no exception to the rule of course
Yes, we all know how much trouble our Country is in and that Obama is completely clueless as to how to fix it. raise taxes. . We all know about the economy, and the lack of Jobs and that . Obama doesn't want to talk about it. He thinks it's more important to make these socialist speeches.about other issues like how  people don't succeed in business without the governments help and other socialist/commie remarks.Things like these only goes to show just what a incompetent clown he really is..


  1. As Predicted : It Was Rush's Fault

  2. "Liberal/Progressive"-PROGRESSIVE

    I hope that, in this context, the term is being universally recognized for the pejorative that it is! Then what will be the next euphemism that the LEFT will use to mask their nefarious doctrine?

  3. I'm disappontited that there is no response.