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Thursday, July 5, 2012

You Can Take A Black Man Out Of The Ghetto, But You Can't Take The Ghetto Out Of A Black Man

Chris Rock is a slave to his own stupid, prejudices and the Democrat Party Plantation.
Still carrying a grudge against a country that has made Chris Rock wealthy and famous way beyond  his talents should've taken him, this was how the once-interesting and once-edgy comedian celebrated the 4th of July on Twitter today: Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks — Chris Rock

I guess that since the Supreme Court has opened the doors to stupidity, everybody on the Left is now talking STUPID! 
 Leave it to a racist to bring up race!
But Dis wat you’all gets when youse elects a Community Organgrinder to the Presedenzy 

Note! Chris Rock’s yearly earnings at $42 million.Not bad for a great, great, great, great, grandson of a plantation worker.

I guess that America isn't so bad if a Black Man can be elected President or make $42, million dollars a year telling dumb & vulgar Jokes.


  1. "$42, million dollars a year telling dumb & vulgar Jokes."

    Well then, there are lots of "dumb & vulgar" people! This sort of thing is just further affirmation of a once great Nation in decline! I don't even know who this @$$#0!e is and am d@mn proud of it!

  2. JonBergJ
    "Well then, there are lots of "dumb & vulgar" people! This sort of thing is just further affirmation of a once great Nation in decline! I don't even know who this @$$#0!e is and am d@mn proud of it!"

    And what else is new?

  3. You're a moron. Your own "Dis is what's you gets" crap is proof positive that you're a racist hypocrite. Sure, lots of black people have made good, but does that mean they're supposed to forget the fact the this country's fortunes were built, in large part, off the suffrage of their ancestors? Are they supposed to ignore that fact that a black person is SEVEN TIMES more likely to be sent to prison for the SAME CRIMES WHITES GET PROBATION FOR?

    Country in decline... really? My house is worth more then it was when Bush left, the stock market has nearly doubled too.
    Corporations are recording record profits, the deficit is shrinking faster than expected (down 660 billion in 2013).
    Taxes for 99% of us haven't gone up.. and it only went up 2% for the uber rich. In fact, taxes are at 1957 levels.
    Oh the horror!

    I know facts aren't big with the inbred sect, so I won't confuse you and your "massive" following with more facts.
    Just go back to watching your favorite documentary series... the Flintstones and please, don't have any kids.
    America is already flooded with too many ignorant and racist dimwits like you.

    Now I'm sure a coward like you will delete this post, because that's what cowards do.
    Just knowing that you've seen this is makes it worth it.

    Have a bad day

  4. Rock is rich!
    He can big as big of a N***** as he wants!
    He bathes in it!
    Keep the money rolling in!