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Sunday, July 1, 2012

This Radical Party Is Not Your Father's Democratic Party

 This Is Not The Democratic Party Of Your Father Any Longer!
Open wide and say “ugh!” This may be hard to swallow! But I'm going to say it anyway!

Barack Obama, (the Great Deceiver) was swept into office on a tide of his “Hope and Change”slogan.  It was a pledge to reverse revolt against the Bush policies. His redistribution of the wealth was  looked as socialism to everyone and those who live by the Rules For Radicals were as giddy as a Pig in Shit. Liberals came out of the woodwork, and were now proud to call themselves “Progressives”  and now for once they were proud to declare themselves as Socialists.  Why not when the President of the United States of America, their Dear Leader was the biggest Liberal and Socialist that ever sat int the Oval Office
Have you noticed how radically different the Democratic Party of today is, compared to the way it was or it used to be? The change in the Democratic Party, then and now is so drastic that it is hardly recognizable any longer.
 The Democratic Party of today is not the same Democratic Party of your Fathers, most of the people who belong to that party don’t even use the word “ Democrat” any longer. Yes indeed it has changed through the years. 
Even Ronald Regan said that he used to be a Democrat, but he didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left him!

 I can remember when the Liberals didn’t even want to be call Liberals.  It was considered a bad term them and they addressed it as the “L” word. And now we find that it has changed again to a even more radical term, Because today’s Democrats are more Radical and wish to be called "Progressives"
The Democratic Party of today is not the Party  that my Dad and  I grew up with.  There is no longer a Harry Truman or a John Kennedy attached to that Party.  Not because they are dead, It’s because that parties ideology has changed drastically.
 It is more like the Party that my Dad and I fought against.  He in Germany and me in Vietnam a long time ago. Since the 60's when the Democratic Party was taken over by the Hippies and the Dope smoking  do nothing, welfare collecting, protesting jerk-offs, the  Democrats wanted to “re-do America.  Yes the same old “Hope and Change” Idiots ran wild in the streets with different names and different leaders.  It was people and groups  like the Weather Underground ( an American radical left organization originally called Weatherman) sound familiar? The so called revolutionary groups known as the Black Liberation Army (Black Panthers), Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and other Domestic Terrorists like them who later became buddies with Barack Hussein Obama, who originated  "The Days of Rage” and other nice things like that. Now a days they are ass-wipes like Al Sharpton, Khalid Abdul Muhammad Malik Zulu Shabazz, Jeremiah Wright and Louis  Farrakhan .  
How can anyone ever forget Jane Fonda, John Lennon,
Bob Dylan, Joan Baez  and Janis Joplin, who were the rage then and who were now replaced by Russell Simmons, Alec Baldwin, 50 Cent, Bruce Springsteen, Susan Sarandon,and Oprah.
The racists have migrated more to the Democrats Party and the minorities have flocked to Obama like Flies to Horse Manure. Obama is an avowed Socialist. If you're a Socialist, Leftist, you're going to love him.  If you are a Freedom loving American you’re going to despise him. Obama has Surrounded himself with the most extreme Leftist appointees in the history of  any  United States Presidency.
Isn’t it true that if the leader of a Nation or a Party does very little, he will not be re-elected? Very often, the success or failure of what a leader does while in office can be measured by the success or failure of his polices or by the success or failure of a President can be measured by the Nation's  economy.  The healthcare bill, will also determine the success or failure of Obama’s Presidency.  Today the jury is still out on whether Roosevelt another Democratic president shortened the depression, or actually made it longer with his policies.
Obama has been in office for almost 4 years now and what has he reall accomplished?   Oh yeah we all know all about the Bin Laden thing and how he took credit for that one. But really since day one he has been on a campaign to get this Healthcare passed along with his assistance by Nancy Pelosi and his arm twisting. And oh right, the Hip Hop concerts, the trips to New York Restaurants for “Date Night’s with the Moocher. And let’s not forget ALL those ridiculous and mega-expensive vacations for Moochelle.    Obama’s presidency has been one big campaign.  Even when it wasn’t a campaign trip he made sure to stop somewhere and make a speech so that he would be able to charge it as a campaign trip or a fund raiser.
It seems like Obama is on a constant campaign for his re-election.  And lets not forget his “Blame Bush” tour. Obama said that Bush left office with a $4.9 Trillion deficit. And yet his solution was to triple that deficit and produce more government spending in his three years, much more  than Bush did in his entire eight years as President. And yet his current $15+ Trillion deficit is greater than ALL previous presidents combined!
Should I even get into his Attorney General Eric (Fast & Furious)  Holder, who in my eyes is far worse than the 3rd rate burglary that lead to Watergate! As we all know, NO ONE DIED AT WATERGATE, and 2 US agents died in the Fast & Furious escapade, or adventure!
Eric Holder Like most of Obama’s appointees, is another ACLU-type group, who is dedicated to destroying the Constitution in order to “re-shape America” And as with many Obama’s appointees, he is obsessed with race, and lets not forget for one minute that he  was the force behind getting the pardon members of the notorious Puerto Rican terrorist group, FALN, who engaged in over 130 attacks in the USA, and killing six people. By refusing to carry out justice against the Black Panthers and the Hispanic FALN terrorists, he was clearly pandering to these two racial groups for political reasons mainly to get Hillary Clinton elected as the Senator from New York.   Don’t remember it, don’t believe it? The Google it!
This is Obama’s Justice Department, this is the kind of people that  Obama has appointed through out his 3 and ½ years as president.  So when Rush Limbaugh said that he “Hoped Obama’s policies fails” he wasn’t wrong was he?
But Obama and the rest of the lefties continue to blame Bush for everything, just read their comments on these blog boards.
I could go on and on stating the facts about Obama's failed policies, but your going to get bored and tired of reading them, besides, you already know what they are.
But I will write about all those attacks on George Bush and those cartoon we all saw day after day after day portraying him as a Dumb Chimp, and calling Bush a war criminal. Where is the same outcry from these people toward Obama for supplying troops, jet fighters and bombs for the action in Libya, Egypt  and Uganda? And yet Obama does nothing about Iran who is the biggest threat to us and to Israel. He has done nothing to stop a maniacal, tyrant dictator from acquiring weapons of mass destruction,
And what about those two inept, absurd appointees to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan
And how about Valerie Jarrett, and David Axelrod who has a long history of working for socialist candidates and Obama is no different!
So No,  This Is Not Your Father’s Democratic Party!   
The Barney Frank’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Harry Reid’s of the world, and not to mention the worst apple of the whole bunch, Barack Hussein Obama is a perfect representations of the Democratic party of today. When a American First Lady has to tell us about when she first was Proud of America, something is definitely wrong!
Patriotism is discouraged by the Democratic Party of today!
This white Vietnam Vet will be voting for America's future & against today's Progressives!


  1. DD,

    Well done! I can't think of anything to add. However, I could NEVER bring myself to refer to those degenerate @$$#0!e$ on the left as "Progressives". I think that they came up with that euphemism because the word 'Liberalism' was starting to make people puke. For the sake of exactitude I think the term 'Regressives' fits them the best!

  2. Yeah! What JonBerg said... and may Jane Fonda rot in hell!

  3. Marine4ever

    Yeah! What JonBerg said... and may Jane Fonda rot in hell!

    For SURE!

  4. I can't imagine a couple of my Democrat uncles (WWII Vets),who suffered from Rooseveltitis, giving any credence to what their party has degenerated into. They must be spinning in their graves!

    1. I dunno, JB. My father was (is) a Democrat and a WWII vet -- Carter and Clinton could do no wrong. At 93, I suppose Obimbo is top of list for him, too. I could use the excuse that he's got Alzheimer's -- but for the last 60 years?! I've just always put it down that he's suffered from dementia his entire life.
      I used to be a Democrat, than I learn to read.

  5. "I used to be a Democrat"

    I was so pissed-off at Richard Nixon that I actually voted for George McGovern! We can all have our moments.

  6. I never had the chill running down my leg

    1. I did once... then I found out it was wet, too. (I have subnormal temperature.)

  7. I'm sure that next we are going to hear about slavery! That's alway a given.

  8. This blog has to be the best that I've read in a very long time.

    Thank you for it.

    1. I'll second that motion!
      DDW writes what I'm thinking and does it better, anyway. From now on, I'm just gonna link to his blog and go back to what I do best... like rearranging my socks and skivvies compartment.

  9. I agree, just published a new book by the same title as this article.check it out