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Monday, June 4, 2012

American's We Can All Do A LOT Better, Don’t Let This Opportunity Slip Away

Since Obama took office the Nation has lost about 2 million jobs And the unemployment rate has increased, and we continue to see one dismal jobs report after another as we just saw in the May’s report where the unemployment rate went up to 8.2 percent.  So that enthusiastic chant of Hope and Change did not exactly fly in the direction that the snake-oil salesman promised. But did that discourage these Progressive fanatics?  Nope, they keep coming back for more.
Still we see these Die-Hard Progressive IMBECILES, and the Blacks who are Obama’s most fanatical followers only because he is Black, and don’t try to convince me otherwise.  But this is America! We don't lie down, we don’t give up or give in. Obama's economic policies have failed and we need to bring a new man into that office and “Change” things, and turn them around. 
Personally, I don’t care if Bush or Obama created more jobs, the problem with this administration is that they continue to point fingers at every one but the right one.  Whatever happened to “The Buck Stops Here?  Bottom line is that Obama is a FAILURE.... Period!  Don’t tell me that the Republicans are happy about the lose of jobs, or the lousy economic position we are in.  And don’t tell me that Obama has good intentions.  Because I’m sick and tired of this Bull-Shit that these Progressives throw out there and hope that it sticks.
All I know is that the unemployment after 4 years of Obama’s economics is still over 8% plus.   And that if this many Americans are out of work then the man from Kenya should be also. The debt is over 14 trillion dollars and climbing. And it’s Obama who is responsible for that He tripled the debt, he spent more than any other American President in history, and our children and our grandchildren are going have to have to pay for it.  We will never live to see the end ot that mess. There are more entitlement programs then ever before and who do you think is paying for it? Inflation is going up, and our currency is going down. The housing market is still in the toilet, and there are no signs of improvement there either.  I’m not even going to mention the Stock Market because I don’t want to hurt you my readers any more than your already are.
As far as jobs being created, yes they are being created overseas, not here my friends, America is slipping more and more as the economic leader or the world and  the Chinese are the new global leaders.
Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sarah Palin, and Drudge, are the new bad guy’s and Bill Maher, Colbert, Stewart, Joy Behar, Whoopie Gooldberg, and David Letterman are our new heroes.
We see our president insulting the Israeli Prime Minster and Obama kissing the ass of Putin. Our Freedom’s are diminishing  and the Constitution is being ignored. Illegal immigration is rampart. And our rights are being stepped on.  We can’t eat Pizza, or Hamburgers, or add salt to our french fries, and now we can’t even drink a super-sized soda with our Steaks.
America is more divided now then ever and we are called Racists for electing a Black President, how’s that for logic?
We have a president who goes George Clooney, Bill Maher, and Al Sharpton when he needs advise of to raise cash .
Our President has a past with Domestic Terrorist like Bill Ayers, And Mitt Romney is a Bully because he cut the hair off of a Gay Guy 45 years ago. Arizona is being sued because they follow the law!  How’s that one?
Obama is raising taxes for capital gains and dividends for the top percentage of wage earners, because they are HARD WORKERS!  While the lavy bums get hands -outs and pay NO taxes what-so-ever!
If you are as tired of Parties in the White House, Extravagant Vacations by the First Wookie, Basketball games, Golf playing, rubbing elbows with Rap Stars, and appearances on The View, and David Lettermen, or Saturday Night Live, then we have to make a Change!
Americans, we have a real destiny in November 2012, don’t let it slip away! We Can All Do A LOT Better, Don’t Let This Opportunity  Slip Away

Naturally the leftist run Media and Obama's Communist backers  are prepared to launch an all-out vicious, and dirt slinging assault on Romney and resort to whatever tricks it takes.
But for the record, my official humble prediction is that Barack Hussein Obama will lose the 2012 election. And America will win.


  1. I hope the American People choose a different path, because if they don't we are doomed..

  2. It still astounds me that Numbnuts got the Presidency. Right after the Twin Towers fall, we loose several thousand U.S. citizens and our military Pentagon is targeted by Muslim baby-killers (I REFUSE to give the scum sucking PIGS the dignity of being called "terrorists,") and the people of America give the highest office of our land to a limp-wrested, lollipop sucking, Communist/Socialist/Marxist with a name like BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Scheech, the very name should have had mobs throwing rotten tomatoes at him!
    Never mind. All of the above is rhetorical -- I know EXACTLY how it came to be. America had better not be sleeping again on the next watch.

  3. "Obama's economic policies have failed " "Inflation is going up, and our currency is going down." " Whatever happened to “The Buck Stops Here?"

    1) B.O.'s economic policies have, certainly, failed the American People. I'm not so sure that it has been a failure for B.O. and his handlers. Relagating our economy to socialist/communist status may well be part of his "transformation".

    2) I've noticed lately that B.O. campaign flunkies are saying that Romney shouldn't be President because all he dose is produce 'profits' whereas B.O. "creates jobs"- yep you heared it right! Profits and growth are our only hope. The only "jobs" that MAY have been created by the Fraud-in-Chief come at a price tag: >$5,000,000,000,000 of debt!

    3) If you have been watching B.O. flailing about while he tries to blame Congress for our economic situation, one can only conclude that the "Buck" now "Stops" in Congress.

    Although we will have soon wasted four years of our lives, that we will NEVER get back, there are those @$$#0!e$ who still support this piece of $#!t! These people (@$$#0!e$) should now be considered as ENEMIES OF THE STATE!!!!!!!

  4. You got that right .... I give you a big Amen!

  5. After the 2008 election, there was this thought ringing through my head, and still to this day it rings true... "This President has had less the 1 term at the federal level (Senate), and now he is the President. It's like promoting a mailroom clerk to a CEO of a multi conglomerate. You just don't do it"
    And now we know... It didn't work!

  6. MA,

    Yes, sometimes Affirmative Action just isn't the answer!