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Thursday, June 14, 2012

They Don't Have George W. Bush to Kick Around Anymore

Obama has passed the buck and played the “Blame Game” to George W. Bush – for just about everyone of his problems since the first day of his his presidency, Suggesting time and again that his own policies are not to blame for his difficulties, his ineptness, his incompetence, his lack of judgment and his failures.  Constantly saying that he has simply done the best that can be done with the cards he was delt by George Bush.
But since George Bush has been out of office Obama has entered into 3 new additional wars and a few others that he calls UN or Nato military operations, or military interventions, but don’t call them “Wars”.  Or he  might even say that he was merely helping out the Muslim Brotherhood.  By Killing or trying to KILL other Nations leaders.
If you didn’t think that war was justified by the 9/11 attacks then you don't care, as I did.
Many of the people on the left even have compared George Bush to Adolph Hitler. However, the question must be asked, who is more like Hitler: Barack Obama or George Bush?  They even said that George Bush took away liberties and invaded our privacy more than any President. 
Well take a trip down to your local Air-port and ask that question to the 90 year old ladies in the wheel chairs who are body searched and to the parents of the 4 year old little girls who are have these idiots sticking their fingers down their panties.

I DO NOT CARE what color skin Obama has. It is the crap that spews from his mouth and the actions he has undertaken to undermine my freedom, and all these czars, and the appointments of all his cronies to cabinet jobs that require congressional confirmation, but never got that far. 
I don't blindly follow a leader because he is black or because I didn't like the last administration.
Obama is an embarrassment to this country. He does not understand or respect the office of the Presidency.He don't care about the hard working Americans that pay their taxes, and who never look for government handouts.
He has spent more of our money than any other United States president. He and his administration have bullied and bribed our representatives into voting for his catastrophic health care package, and that is going to be the nail in our coffins. 
When Bush was in power, Hillary Clinton and the other liberals blamed him and Dick Cheney for high gas prices, but now that gas prices are even higher than before with Obama in control, it's somebody else's fault.  It's always somebody else's fault! Liberals are such lying hypocrites....They never accept blame for anything.
Well, It's not Bush's war anymore, now it's Obama's war and Obama's responsibility for everything that is happening to the United States's economy. .

And by the way, if you noticed, you don't see the daily barrage from the Liberal media showing the caskets of the dead soldiers anymore. The blame Bush first crowd went away once BO entered the White House. And we don't see Cindy Sheehan picketing the President any longer either, or Code pink and Move on. com, or the filty jokes about Bush by Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar etc, etc, and etc!?  Maybe they'll return when Romney is in office.

And how about the Outrageous  bullying of the Supreme Court? No wonder the Democratic loyalists are beginning to panic!
Good luck my friends.


  1. You can count on Wookiee Goldberg and Joy Baywhore, as well as others of their ilk, returning when Romney takes office. Liberalism is for people who, for one reason or another, refuse to grow up. This is manafest in such traits as lying excessively, refusing to take responsibility and hypocrisy as identified in today's post. It seems that most media and intertainment, so called, celebrities fit this mold. My hat goes off to those who don't!

  2. Wookiee Goldberg and Joy Baywhore,... LMAO... Good one.