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Monday, June 25, 2012

Is This Pure Insanity, Or What?

The Supreme Court has stated that Arizona doesn't have the right to prevent illegals from looking for work inside their state.  In a sane world
Obama would be impeached for refusing to enforce federal law, a direct violation of his oath of office, but then again.  A leftist is a Leftist be it a President or a Supreme Court Justice!
This is pure Bull-Shit on the part of the people who are running the United States of America these days, and complete disregard for the oath these people took.
When if ever is someone going to start upholding the law?


  1. I'm sure that Michelle must be very proud of America these days!

  2. "Arizona doesn't have the right to prevent illegals"

    Wait just a minute! What sort of a court ignores or dosen't understand the concept of [illegal]? And they call this the SUPREME COURT !!! I realize that nearly everyone is eligible to serve on this court but aren't the current members all supposed to of, at least, been to law school? For those members who, apparently, can't differentiate between legal and illegal I strongly recommend that they demand a complete tuition refund after their SPEEDY resignation!