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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiger Woods Is Back! Way Back!

Yep! Tiger Woods Has Left The Building!
In yesterday’s US Open, Tiger Woods wound up tied for 21st, yet there is more news about him then there is for the winner the 26-year-old unfamiliar young man Webb Simpson!
But once again the wonder boy of the Golf world gets all the press! 
Personally, I couldn't care less about Tiger Woods. Was he a Great Golfer?  Yes he was.  But the the operative word is "WAS".  
So who really cares about this Spoiled Brat, this UN-sportsman like jerk does any-longer? Who care what color shirt he was wearing?  I don't! 
And why does this guy still get all this coverage when he is losing. This Tiger coverage is getting embarrassing. It's "Tiger this..." and "Tiger that..." and how poor the poor boy is playing.  It's getting to be tiresome and boring. How about a little press on the Winner for a change instead of on this obnoxious twit?  Instead of on the loser? 
If Alex Rodriguez strikes out, we hear boos all over the stadium, If Tiger Woods misses a shot we hear Ohoo,s and sobs, and excuses and what not. 
You know what, I couldn't care less about Tiger Woods and his latest temper tantrum. Maybe now Tiger will come back to Earth, but either way.  Why should I care about a foul-mouthed, club-kicking un-proffessional cry-baby.  Who Cares!  
And I'm sick of these  holier than thou sports writers, who follow him around making all kinds of excuses for him. No, no one is perfect, but this guy has crossed over the line as far as I'm concerned and I don't have any pity for him.  Why the hell should I?  Personally I've never thrown or kicked a club when I missed a shot, and I never thrown a bat when I struck out.  If you are on a Professional and especially a  Professional who has make MILLIONS from the game, when you are on a Golf Course  you do not swear or kick a golf club.... Period .
We are all free to have our opinions, and this is mine!
And Congratulations to  Webb Simpson!

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