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Monday, June 18, 2012

Congress Was Found Guilty On 6 Counts

Roger Clemens Not Guilty on All Charges!
 But Congress Was Found Guilty On 6 Counts!
Guilty of Six Counts of Stupidity and Six Counts of Wasting the Taxpayers Money
After eight weeks, 46 witnesses, two dozing jurors and an estimated $2 million-$3 million spent in taxpayer money, the Roger Clemens trial has finally come to a close.
The verdict: Not guilty on  three counts of making false statements, not guilty on two counts of perjury and not guilty on one count of obstruction.
What a waste of our time and our money...


  1. This was typical of this administration wasting our money.

  2. I'm sure the media is pissed, too. They put a strong effort in persecuting and hanging him from day one.

  3. Excellent point. Actually, I think he's guilty as sin, personally, but I don't THINK it's a SIN. What's happening in the White House these days with leaks and lies IS a sin...anybody going to court twice and maybe jail for tHOSE THINGS?
    of course not. #$)(*&@#)($&@*(#$
    Coffeypot has a great point...the media tried and, probably, it's because they'd LOVE a hero to be doing drugs and they'd LOVE to nab the hero of the true AMERICAN past time...what can bug our media more than something truly American?!

  4. Roger Clemens was tried for and found Not Guilty and acquitted for was perjury , the drug issues was an entirely different matter..
    As far as the drugs, What they are accusing him of was not illegal at that time.

    I think the whole damn thing was a joke, and that the government has better things to do.

  5. Yeah, let's get back to Holder!