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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Liberals, and progressives alike, I hate to ruin your weekend,but-

 but where are the Jobs?

The new unemployment figures came out yesterday (Friday) and the stock market reacted by going down 275 points! 

The  275-point nose-dive wiped out the gains for the entire year. The big worry now is that this economic slowdown is not only widening but accelerating. The mere 69,000 jobs in May, was the the fewest in  over a year, and the rate of unemployment  increased to 8.2 percent from 8.1 percent..  Thus going in the wrong direction.  And as they say, "Nothing upsets a president's re-election groove like ugly economic numbers"  and these numbers couldn't get much more uglier .  Economists had forecast a gain of 158,000 jobs. Hows that for Hope and Change?  And we once again see how Obama's FAILED policies are in fact NOT helping the American people or our economy. 
 And once again the progressives blame the republicans for Obama failures.  Just take a peek at the posts on the Progressives/ Commie's blogs. 
"The jobs report is brutal"  "Republican Obstructionism and the Poor Jobs Report"  "The Gop's Crowing about the Bad News Is Misplaced, Because They Are a Very Large Part of the Problem.  And Their Obstuctionist Policies--to Stop Any and Everything President Obama Proposes--has Had a Negative Impact on Unemployment."
It’s the Republicans fault. Seriously? 

Question,  Are the Republicans, and Mitt  Romney seizing this opportunity?
Answer: Wouldn't they be pretty stupid if they didn't?
I get totally pissed when these Progressive idiots tell us"Obama’s policies helped prevent a Real Depression" It's such Bull Shit almost as bad as when they say that it’s the "Republicans who what America to Fail."

Look people this is what it amounts to, you can either drink their Kool-Aid and jump into a black hole, or send Obama back to the Chicago slums where he crawled out of, and get America back on track again.

These blind and dumb imbecile's, can't even see what's going on right before their own eyes. Hows that for a Crock of Crap?  Sure we are pissed about this, But are we rooting against America?.... I don't think that we are just because we are not the suckers that they are! Obama is and has been  a total failure....just face the facts, just look at the numbers.

Our government is being overrun by Communists, Progressives, and Socialists, and still they blame Bush and the Republicans for their Failures. At least we want a change, we don't want 4 more years of the same!   But I this time around it's a little different than the past. I think that even some of the Obamboozler's are waking up and that they realize that they were dealt a load of crap. 

Forget the 96% of the Black vote, you will never drum any sense into their heads, because they will vote for the Black guy no matter what.  Racism is alive and well in the Black community.

We're in a recession - we've never gotten out of one despite what Obama is saying to us. Yes we all know that this recession is the worst recession since the Great Depression, how many times is he going to remind us of that.  And why doesn't he remind us that this recession has been the longest and everything that HE has done and ALL the money that he hast thrown away hasn't helped one lousy bit!  The Job market is a disaster and there doesn't seem to be any improvement whatsoever, Don't stand up there and tell us that the improvement has working but not fast enough!  Who the hell do you think you are talking to, a bunch of elementary school kids?  There hasn't been any improvement worth a crap since he has been in office no matter how many Stimulus packages you have pissed away.  It's obvious that the economic recovery in the U.S. isn't just slowing down, it's at a dead stop. The lack of job created isn't the only  concern. Our wages and Income has become sharply lower, and prices have become sharply higher.  We see it at the gas Pumps, at the Super Market, and everywhere in our daily life.  Taxi Cabs in New York are going up 20 percent, has your paycheck gone up 20 percent?
The American job Market has stalled in May, with the economy adding just a mare 69,000 new jobs while the unemployment rate has CLIMBED to 8.2 percent. Isn't it supposed to go the other way?  Down and not up!
The currency is weak, the housing market is a disaster, our debts are massive and just wait until the Bush tax cuts run out come January 1st. Let me ask you Loyal Kool-aide drinking Obamamainiacs  a question.  How do you defend nominating and voting for this man again? Why do you continue to support someone when you see what he's done to our country and our economy in only 3 and a half years? 
What would be the rationale of keeping a failure like Obama in office for another term?  I'm sorry to tell you, but his skin color shouldn't be the only reason a man is re-elected from already failed first term of this magnitude.Don't you people think with any rationally at all?   Wouldn't you think that if someone hasn't done anything at all by now that it's time to try someone different?  Why in the world vote for them again?   We need someone new and we need that someone now!.
And why would you even think for one lousy minute to give him another 4 years to complete the destruction of America? This man and his administration is out of control, they haven done one single thing to help anybody.  And you question US Republicans for wanting to get rid of this cancer?
He is always talking about his interest in helping and saving the lower and the middle class.  Do you think that he really cares about these people.  He wants to party and mingling with the millionaires and billionaires of America. He wants the power and he couldn't care less about the middle class. The American people don’t deserve to suffer any longer because of these crackpots in Washington.  It's a crying shame to see the First Moocher constantly rubbing our faces in her spending.
Yesterday he told us that "The economy is not growing as fast as we would want"  Is he smoking that Hippie Lettuce again.  As fast as we would want?  It isn't growing at all, in fact it's getting worse! This is nothing new, we have been seeing things like this ever since this inept amateur was in office.  He says whatever he thinks you stupid followers want to hear, he lies frequently, and shamelessly and with a straight face.
Think back, a few months,  do you remember when for the FIRST TIME IN AMERICA'S HISTORY our credit rating was lowered.  Is this the kind of man you want to re-elect?  How much more will it take to convince you that this man is a FAILURE and he MUST be replaced!
This man is is the worst President in America's history,  he is nasty, arrogant and totally inept.  His ignorance, and lack of integrity is a disgrace to this Great Nation. 
So here’s the bottom line, I for one will proudly be pulling the lever for Mitt Romney. I may agree that there could have been a better choice, but he is our candidate. And I know one thing, and that’s that America cannot take another four years of Obamanomics and that things will NOTget any better with another term of him and his High Rolling Wife. . . Our country can NOT exist the way we want it to with 100 million people who are not working, And if God forbid, Obama gets re-elected you can count on that number will be closer to 150 million before to long.
And if your not convinced yet, wait until January 1, 2013 when our Taxes skyrockets, and I mean everyone's tax's, not just the "So Called Millionaires. This is going to be horrendous. Assuming the Bush tax cuts expire on December 31, 2012, and these is no reason th think otherwise, capital gain taxes will skyrocket, and the Obama Health Care bill will kick in. if BO is re-elected, all of the Bush cuts will go away. He will have no reason to compromise with a Republican Congress, and then my friends you Goose will be cooked. .And as a result you are going to see the stock market go right to hell along with your 401K's and your retirement nest eggs. 
And then, maybe you’ll say thank you, Mr. Obummer for screwing the American taxpayer again with another one of  of your failed policies.


  1. DD,

    Oh, come on, how do you really feel (LOL)? Great Post my friend; you've covered every base! I'm starting to notice that even B.O. can no longer blame Bush for our (his) mess and he is now going after Congress as his new scapegoat. The average eunuch has more "balls" than this pathetic piece of $#!t !!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks my good friend, that means a lot to me.

  3. Great post DD, but enough of this pussy-footing around. We know that he's a inept amateur, lets call him what he is...a socialist.

  4. I just had another thought.

    Now, imagine that B.O. is the Captain of the RMS Titanic on that fateful night. With megaphone in hand, he urges those entering the life boats and those launched not to leave the comfort and security of the Titanic. In so doing he warns that the Captain of the RMS Carpathia is only concerned with the well-being of the 1st Class passengers/survivors and those of 2nd Class and Steerage status will be cast back into the icy sea. Well folks we all know the real outcome, don't we!

  5. PS

    In the event that I wasn't clear: It's Captain Romney of the Carpathia, dispatched to save those fleeing disaster.

  6. The 275-point nose-dive wiped out the gains for the entire year. The big worry now is that this economic slowdown is not only widening but accelerating.

    This morning, I read on a finance page on the web that this particular drop and those employment figures (as well as some other factors) are eerily reminiscent of the pre-Lehman days in 2008.

  7. Let's Learn From the Past Mistakes and Vote this Disaster Out! Common sense tells us that we just can not afford to make the same mistake again. But then again, I'm preaching to the Choir.

  8. With the Unemployment news that came out yesterday, you'd think that Obama would serve this country and his party well, to withdraw his nomination from the ballot for president within the next few weeks, giving the Democrats enough time to muster a new candidate before election time. That way, he can resign a la Richard Nixon style with a smooth transition of power, leaving the helm to Joe Biden who is another undisputed raving Idiot.

  9. To the last commentator: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. This @#$$#0!e wouldn't do that if his miserable life depended upon it! Leave him where he is. Nature has a way of correcting things!

  10. One thing is for sure, the deficit will shrink even faster if Romney takes over and GOP maintains control of the House

  11. Hi DD,

    I was hoping to see more on this site. Ok, I didnt, so let it suffice to say B.O. should eat $#!t and die!!! Sorry I couldn't be more creative, at this time, but I can't hold back. Keep up the good work!

  12. Hi Jon, sorry to disappoint you, I'll get right to work.