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Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's start with this simple question, Roger Clemens went on trial and  faced a sentence of 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine for lying to Congress,how about Eric Holder?
And the Idiots in the Main Stream Media continue to  try to topple the Republicans! Well that's how liars work, shift the blame, change the subject.  Well my friends,this is not going to go away! Obama is going down along with his cronies and his Lap Dog Eric Holder.
This coverup portrayed by Our Dear Leader makes Water Gate look like a Child's Prank. Looks like the "Hope and Change" gang have gotten themselves into a really embarrassing political sham. And that the majority of us real Americans can see right through it.
We all know why Obama issued executive privilege to keep Eric Holder from having to release documents about "Fast and Furious".  Why else would he invoke Executive Privilege other than to shield documents the House committee who are investigating Fast and Furious?
To shield documents the House committee investigating Fast and Furious
Barry just placed another Nail in his own re-election coffin, and this time a real big Nail!  
Isn't it interesting that everything Ayatolla Obama touches blows up into a full fledged disaster, And isn't it interesting how those Progressive Nut-Jobs over on the Left try to spin everything that this Inept Screw-Up does into a Republican set-up, or another Republican Blame Game.  Because that's what liberals are best at... Blaming Bush.  Isn't that what they do for EVERYTHING?

These blind Zombies never seem to admit to anything or take responsibility for anything, even when confronted with the evidence right there in front of their pointed noses.  I guess that this wasn't the Hope and Change that they got on board for.  And yet his faithful still stand behind him...  Why?  Obama has spent more money on promoting himself  while everyone else in America is hanging in there just to survive. His wife has thrown away (or should I say "Pissed Away) more of the Taxpayers money then any other First Lady in our history. This country is not even close to recovering from this recession, people are still being laid off and jobs are still not being created. And Obama is too busy distracting the people with rubbing elbows with Movie Stars at Hollywood parties, Basketball games, Rap concerts, Fund raising and vacations. 
The only thing Obama has accomplish is stirring up the American people over racial issues.
Lets see how they try to worm out of this one, let's see how they explain the reason why Ayatolla Hussein Obama would invoke Executive Privilege?  The only reason why Ayatolla Hussein Obama would invoke Executive Privilege is to hide (Cover- Up) the fact that Obama knew damn well about Fast and Furious.
Hopefully this is going to put an end to this 4 year nightmare!  Or will Obama pull another slimy trick out of his devious, and deceitful hat? 

Ayatolla Hussein Obama didn't inherit Fast and Furious from anyone! . So before you whacky liberals cry and play that game and Blame Bush again rather than Obama’s own failures, stop and think about how stupid you sound..
Obama cannot say that he changed anything for the better and can only Blame his predecessor for his own failures.
Obama is a real loser but hey, you screwball Liberals keep it up, it is getting to be a laughable cliche!
And as for Eric Holder, does any of this sound familiar?
It was Eric Holder and Janet Reno who were responsible for Waco.

Elian Gonzalez remember, the Cuban kid who was snatched  by agents dressed as a SWAT team who broke down the door carrying sub-machine guns. Well it was It was Eric Holder and Janet Reno who were responsible for that.

Remember Ruby Ridge?

It was Eric Holder, who is credited with helping to release the FLAN terrorists from prison as a Justice Department attorney during the Clinton Administration, to help Hillary Clinton get the Hispanics to vote for her in the New York Senate.

It was Eric Holder who got the pardon for the fugitive billionaire and tax evader Marc Rich under the Bill Clinton administration.
And it was Eric Holder who, refused to prosecute Black Panther voter intimidation complaint in 2008.

So stop blaming Bush and accept reality. Obama and his minions are a disaster, and Americans have wise up.

Eric Holder's along with Barack Hussein Obama’s arrogance, evasive conduct and "above the law" demeanor is what will be their demise.
So compared to Eric Holder Roger Clemens is a Saint.
Wake up Americans, you are losing your country and you be distracted by Socialist propaganda 


  1. Where' are all those unicorns, moonbeams and pennies from heaven that we were promised?

  2. amanofwonder said
    "Can you say double standard?"

    I can say a whole lot more than that...

  3. The Obama disaster is becoming so blatantly obvious that even people like ENEMA [should] begin to get the picture. However, we won't know for sure until November. It's very difficult for some to admit their mistakes! B.O. and his entourage epitomize the image of CHEAP POLITICIANS! BTW, where has VP 'Biteme' been lately?

  4. Jon a fool never learns from their mistakes

  5. DB,

    Spot On, my friend! This is, precisely, why FOOLS shouldn't be allowed to vote in the first place!

  6. Barry just placed another Nail in his own re-election coffin, and this time a real big Nail!

    Yes, he has.

    Is he NUTS? He's acting as if there isn't going to be an election in November!

  7. AOW et al,

    As B.O.'s pretext for the Presidency unravels, his efforts to create a subterfuge are becoming his most "transparent" aspect that we have seen. Having been handed everything in his political life, he lacks the mettle to realize even a modicum of greatness. This once vaunted (false) Messiah is now exposed for what he has always been; a discombobulated little 'man child'!

  8. Always On Watch said:

    "Barry just placed another Nail in his own re-election coffin, and this time a real big Nail!

    Yes, he has, Is he NUTS? He's acting as if there isn't going to be an election in November!"

    And I agree

  9. DDW, you said it all. But, while everyone is asking the question, or commenting on, how Obimbo has lost his marbles, I gotta ask the question, "Are his handlers off partying in the Bahamas while he's out acting like a loose cannon on deck -- or, are we missing something?" As FDR said, "In politics, there are no accidents. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." (Or something like that.)

  10. Bravo DDW, you said it all.....thanks.

  11. Not that any of us need to be convinced of their guilt, but Bill Whittle puts it into perspective in this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFIpoL3jrfo