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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Russia Is Sending Syria Attack Helicopters, but Have No Fear, Hillary Clinton Is Watching Very Carefully.

Does that make anybody feel any better?   You bet your ass it doesn't!

When she asked Obama about it, his reply was: “Don't worry, the private sector is doing fine”
Maybe Obama an Assad should settle this with a One on One Basketball Game,
 or a Beer Summit.  That always works.
Meanwhile, Colin Powell says he’s against any direct U.S. military involvement in violence-ravaged Syria..  And suggested that Obama should get some further advice from Al Sharpton.After all, he's an expert on violence and ravage!


  1. Speaking of those Attack Helicopters, it's my understanding that [we] are buying the very same helicopters from Russia to arm Afganistan. The excuse is that Afgans only know how to operate the Russian bilt helicopters. Our tax dollars are going to Russia and, in effect,[we] are subsidizing the very source of those Attack Helicopters! Obviously, if that isn't bad enough, why aren't [we] training the Afgans to operate our American built helicopters and spending our tax dollars here? I wonder if we are also buying AK-47s from Russia for the Afgans because they don't know how to use M-16s?

  2. Ask Hilary, B.O. and the rest of that $#!t. I'll bet you will get a real, worthless and condesending answer! Oh, they will have an answer but it will not comport with anything valuable to the ultimat betterment of our Nation!

    1. Right you are, JB! With Hilagard "Hell on Earth" Clinton, Obimbo and all the rest of their peeps standing the watch, I be very, VERY SKAID!