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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wanted Hard working Dishwasher, no experience needed, only requirement is that you are an illegal immigrant. No others need apply!

Dear illegal Mexican immigrant Barack Obama cares deeply about you, because you're Hispanic. He loves that you're Hispanic and is deeply concerned about showing you how much he loves your Hispanicness, he wants you to stay here in Amerika and he will even give you things and stuff, like  FREE schooling with Free Lunches, hospitalization, affordable housing, Food Stamps . And you absolutely need not worry about paying any federal or state income taxes, that’s absolutely not necessary.
We need you, we love you,  and we want you here cuz the lazy Americas will not do the jobs that you will do!  Besides Michelle and I love Tacos and Refried Rice and Beans. Burritos, and Tortillas loaded with cheese. Did you know that Michelle and I have Huevos Rancheros for Breakfast almost every Sunday!

Forget about that story called the "Drug War".  We don’t believe that stinken fairy tale. The drug cartels and the gangs is just a story made up for Television.
 Forget about that stupid Governor of Arizona, she’s a dumb Republickan, this is just  utter insanity.
Forget about the “War on Terror”, The only “war” is on your RIGHTS and your your Mexican Heritage and Culture., not Terror
But, my Dear Amigo, if you don't vote for amigo Barack, we will kiss your sorry
Wet-back ass back across the freaken border where you came from, as fast as you can say " Hugo Chavez"! 
Ah Yes, socialism is paradise.


  1. Hey, where else can an illegal alien become President? What a country we've become!

  2. B.O., with a straight face, says this illegal immigrant thing isn't political. A person would have to be mentally unbalanced to believe anything this fraud says or does! His strategy is to placate incongruous groups,e.g. homos, illegals, etc since he can't run on issue #1, the economy. The problem that I see here is that everybody has a stake in the economy no matter what other issues they may have. B.O.'s best hope is for ignorance to prevail!