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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Being Rude To Obama Means You’re A Racist! What Else Is New?

We have a new definition of racism, which is so broad that it includes rudeness (if you’re white). Calling out a question to Mr. Obama before he’s finished speaking is racist. We already knew that any disagreement with Obama by a conservative or republican meets the definition of racism.

Racism now means: If you are White, you are a racist. If you’re wife, children or friends are black, that is irrelevant, you are racist. If you disagree with Obama, who is 16/32nds black, you are a racist. White people are all racist. Hmmmm…doesn't that stereotyping mean the stereotyper is racist?

A reporter for the Daily Caller, Neil Munro, shouted out to the President as he was explaining his directive to stop deportation of some illegals. Instead of waiting for Obama to finish, the reporter not only asked the question, he asked another. I call that rude, the reporter called it bad timing, and Sam Donaldson and Don Lemmon call it RACISM.
In reality, you are the racist

 Obama told a reporter who DARED to ask him a question,  "I didn't ask for an argument" can't be disconnected from, and in fact, flows from,  the fact that he's arrogant.
When a heckler threw his shoes at President Bush's head the Liberals  cheered, but someone shouts something at this president and it's terrible disrespect?

So the reporter can't just be rude, he has to be racist rude. How pathetic these little people are.

Maybe if Obama showed ANY respect for anyone who disagrees with him he would get some back


  1. There's not enough "rude" in this world for the goat herder.

  2. "I didn't ask for an argument"

    In other words he should be able to ignore the Constitution with impunity. Based upon his previous statements, regarding this issue, wherein he acknowledged that he was interdicted from making such a unilateral edict, he deserves something much stronger than just an "ARGUMENT"!

  3. WOW, 16/32nds back? I could have sworn he was 1/2 black. :) But he is 100% narcissistic.

  4. Side note -- As indicated in my blog, I was surprised to see that Sam Donaldson was still this side of the grave.

  5. Yeah, and he needs to be 100% gone!

  6. JonBerg said

    Yeah, and he needs to be 100% gone!

    I'll go along with that!

  7. I just heard that White House (Meaning Obama) has exerted executive
    privilege over Fast and Furious documents

    A full-blown coverup? You can bet your sweet bippy it is!
    Does anyone here remember when Woodward and Bernstein, whose claim to fame is the take down of Richard "Executive Privilege" Nixon and who recently said that there is too much digging around at the current White House? I wonder if they'll get off their pompous leftist butts and delve into the corruption of the Obama administration as much as they did decades ago.
    This is Watergate deja vu, the only difference is that Nixon was MAN enough to resign! .
    These Socialist SOB'S make me sick.

    1. You got THAT right!
      As you pointed out and that great orator (next to Dizzy "He Slud Into Home Plate" Dean,) Yogi Berra would say, "It's déjà vu all over again!"

  8. .

    "You’re A Racist!"

    That should make you feel good. It's not being a racist is bad or anything, right DD?

    Ema Nymton
    ~ @ : o ?

    1. And you're an idiot, Enema Nematode. (BTW, what tha hell is all that "€<?£%?" crap under your name, Enema? Some kinda Martianspeak from where you came from?)

  9. Believe me, this site has provided the only ENEMA that has ever made me laugh! She's kind of like a comedic cyber syringe! My guess is, that stuff under her name represents the results of her process!

  10. The Progressive critics of the Bush administration, who are always there to Blame Bush for every failure of Obama's seem to be missing in action, and very silent these days. And they seem to be totally ignoring the Executive Privilege order issued in the “Fast and Furious” scandal at the Justice Department.
    You never ever mentioned the murder of Brian Terry, a Border Patrol agent gunned down by Mexican criminals.
    What is President Obama hiding?
    Obama has been caught lying again and again. And what truly surprises me is the fact the American people aren't up in arms over all this as they were over WaterGate!
    This might be the mother of all Bull Crap!
    By invoking executive privilege ,Obama is just about acknowledging that his attorney general was full crap all along.
    Are we talking about about Obamas dismal record?...no.

    Are we talking about Obamas dismal economy?...no.

    Are we talking about Obamas dismal foreign policy?...no.

    Are we talking about RACE? ... no

    We're talking about a subject that Obama has kept on the shelf and brought to the fore at a time and place of his choosing and will continue through the election..

    And please correct me if I'm wrong, but 2 US agents have been murdered with Holder's weapons, didn't they!!.
    Nobody died in Watergate.

    Woodward & Bernstein, where are you now?
    It is just very sad for the country to have such a man in our White House!

  11. Look how much Obama has strayed from American traditions, laws and mores. How much more will he do if given a second term. In my opinion he will create chaos, declare martial law, suspend elections and end presidential term limits. I think he has called his appointees " CZARS" to get us used to hearing the term and in the end become THE czar ! As he likes to say " WE CAN'T WAIT"

    By ourselves we can do nothing, together we can do what is necessary to turn the country back to American principles. If nothing else we have to work with organizations with money and moral support and vocal support to see that this president is not re-elected. . Otherwise prepare yourself to answer the question; " WHAT DID YOU DO WHILE THE COUNTRY WAS BEING STOLEN”

  12. Atta girl Ema Nymton, hit us with that "Racists" crap again. You idiot's have a one track mind, if you have a mind at all.

  13. We conservatives know that what the president did is illegal, and the Liberials know it also, except they are too damn stubborn or stupid to even care. But they sure knew how to criticize President Bush.

    Look, it's as simple as this, this country can't survive with this self appointed dictator at the helm. So we mus do what's right and ditch him like we did with Carter.

    1. Not to even begin to have anyone think I'm taking up for Carter, but Carter was just STOOPID... and now he's stoopid AND senile -- but Obimbo and his handlers are DANGEROUS!
      As far as the race card -- it's being played EXACTLY the way Obimbo and the Marxists stooges have it planned... divide and conquer. In less than four years, we've been set back more than 60 years in our "race" relationships. And, YES, we've got to cut off the head of the snake for this country to survive. We can start with Obimbo, but I'm afraid it goes much deeper than that. Obimbo is nothing more than a mouthpiece and he gets his marching orders from A LOT higher up.

  14. Was Sam Donaldson a racist when he shouted all the time at President Reagan?

    What about the people who heckled Herman Cain?

    Throwing this race card out all the time is like the Boy Who Cried Wolf once too often.

  15. "But they sure knew how to criticize President Bush."

    Yes,and that's about all THEY know! Has anybody heard a liberal or anyone else, for that matter,say anything positive about B.O. lately? Of course not; there is simply nothing positive to say! So all they have left is to bash Bush. Liberals often remind me of little children.

  16. JonBergJ

    "But they sure knew how to criticize President Bush."

    Ah the typical Liberal response!