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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling !

Obama’s chances of re-election have just been cut to ZERO. Bitches! You have succeeded in awakening a sleeping giant.
As I read about the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare being passed upheld today, I can only reflect back on thinking about these anti-American socialists, who voted for him in the first place.

I felt like lowering the flag to half mast. Because this is very sad day for all the Freedom lovers in America.
What we need now is to have Romney connecting with the voters who were against this monstrosity and assure them that he will throw it out along with all the communists in our government who voted along on this decision!
But until then... no you Democrats, Liberals, Progressives didn’t win, the Doctors and Patients didn’t win, in fact we all lost.  The only one who won were the Democratic Politicians.  Every other American lost. You idiots  can’t see it now, but believe me you will. Or maybe you just don’t care. But when we see Tax’s raised over 10 Billion dollars over the next 10 years, you’re all going to see it very well. And hopefully  the majority of Americans will agree with Mitt Romney and he will shove it down Obammy’s throat in November.


  1. My God DD,

    I sure hope tou are right!

  2. There's some place other than down his throat I'd like shove it... Needless to say, it would take an upward thrust and the sun doesn't shine there... You are so correct in the fact that this is going to motivate the right to Kick Obama Out in NOvember...

  3. .

    Just a little confused ...

    Were you not the one who was hysterically screaming, just the other day, that the Supreme Court was going to throw out the ACA and that this would be the end of Mr Obama, liberals, communists, progressives, Democratic Party members, and all civilized people and leaving only "TRUE knuckle-dragging Americans"?

    Now you are saying that the Supreme Court has upheld all of the ACA, that this will be the end of Mr Obama, liberals, communists, progressives, Democratic Party members, and all civilized people and leaving only "TRUE knuckle-dragging Americans"?

    So are you for or against the Supreme Court legal activism? Is this good for real true all-American people who hang out with DD?

    Ema Nymton

  4. You can fly the flag upside down. That is the international sign of distress...though I don't think it works well for Japan.

  5. It may not be as bad as it seems, though. Now that the SC has said it is a tax thing, it can be repealed by a 60 percent vote without the Dems being able to filibuster. I'm more upset about the SC overturning the Stolen Valor Act.

  6. Hey Enema,

    Didn't your lying sack of shit President promise 'no new taxes' ? I suppose it's ok with you that he has no rectitude, whatsoever, and will do or say anything to continue his agenda to destroy America! Oh, that's right you probably think that places like Communist North Korea or the crumbeling socialist economies of Europe are grand examples of how [we] should live! If you don't think that way you must be the most guileless person on the Planet! Well, anyway, that's exactly where he would like to take us and I and my fellow knuckel-draggers aren't going to let that happen; one way or the other.

  7. I'm just catching up with reading this blog DD, and once again you nailed it.
    Hey Enema, You are once again dead wrong. this changes the WHOLE election, the average business man is going to vote Republican after this mess Obama put them in.

    I have to agree with JonBerg. when he said : "Didn't your lying sack of shit President promise 'no new taxes" ? Ema, you have fun with Obamascare, Me? I'm voting for Mitt Romney, if Obama and his administration will have established a dictatorship by then and. elections no longer required.!

  8. As a card carrying member of the "Knuckle-Draggers of America" (note that's Ameri C a -- NOT Ameri K a,) I can tell you that when push comes to shove, you ain't even seen knuckle-dragging, Enema. And you're pushing.
    You, and the rest of your Communist/Socialist/Marxist village idiots, better take your last dance around the May Pole -- 'cause the shit's about to hit the fan.