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Thursday, June 28, 2012


The United States Department of  Justice Bows Down to Muslims  Hatred of Dogs....... Is this another case of INSANITY?  Yes it is!

Another case of this country going insane to please the Muslim Community. Muslims say dogs are unclean but Mini horses are just fine to use as guide horses.   Mad about this INSANITY?  Well the current administration tell us not to be,
they are just practicing their right to religious freedom it’s the  Islamic religion of Peace’s law.
Because Muslims consider dogs to be filthy, our Justice Department led by YOU KNOW WHO, are already allowing Miniature horses as viable alternatives to dogs for individuals whose religious beliefs preclude the use of dogs, (in other words"Muslims")  The  recent Justice Department ruling that allow miniature horses to be used instead of dogs as service animals for the blind and handicapped, also mandates that shops, restaurants, hotels and even airlines be forced to allow service horses into their establishments or face lawsuits if they refuse to accommodate horses.  So get used to it folks, there will now be Miniature horses next to you in your favorite Steak House, as your are chomping away!
But the good thing about this as Justice Department say,  Horses don’t get fleas!  But what they fail to tell you is that they do get parasites, ticks and attract flies. Enjoy! 
And while Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Republican)  is trying to have this stupid, idiotic  mandate overturned, the Obama  government,along with the Department of Justice, is going overboard in making it a rule.
There has already been a restaurant in California that is being sued for not allowing one of these horses into their restaurant.  Absurd?  Over the top?  Crossing the line?  Tell me about it! 

And come to think about it, how can dogs be unclean, if they eat them?
Life is sometimes a bitch and complicated. isn't it!


  1. So DD, you are saying that you would find sitting in a nice restaurant having a nice dinner with a horse at the next table to be uncomfortable and invery bad taste?

    LOL, well so would I. All you would need is a little bit of common sense to realize that this is a crazy idea. If blind Muzzies don't like dogs then let one of their relatives guide them around, or let them leave our country..
    Us Amercias love dogs! This is truly stupidity!

  2. Well considering Obama is a horse's ass, I figger he just wants more of his own kind to dine with.

  3. amanofwonder said:

    "Well considering Obama is a horse's ass, I figger he just wants more of his own kind to dine with."

    Can't argue with that!

  4. "Muslims consider dogs to be filthy"

    Oh really! What could more gross than someone who has been walking around under a Burka all day long in the hot sun? Seeing eye dogs and other dogs are part of our culture and often considered family members; in fact they are more a part of [our] culture than Rag Heads are. I'm sick of "Rag Heads" and other @$$#o!es comming to this Country and then trying to make this Country into that from whence they came. I'm sick of liberals who accomodate them under such bull$#!t as "diversity"! To anyone who dosen't want to assimilate, obey US Laws,and be responsible Americans - GO HOME or STAY HOME! What will these jerks demand next, seeing eye camels???? Get the #ell out of my Country!!!!!!

  5. WOW, I'm very impress with that comment. Thank you Jon

  6. .

    Please do not stop your sniveling, whining, crying, and generally being the '"man" about town'. Is it hard to be so "real American" when so many around you are oh so free and brave?

    Ema Nymton

  7. Enema,

    The discrusive nature of your comments indicates that you should return to your syringe abode, review your syntax, and emerge with a little more cogency!

  8. " And come to think about it, how can dogs be unclean" to people who don't even know how to use toilet paper?